Sunday, February 17, 2013

Well shit

The title says it all. We entered the weekend with the slim chance of finishing in 11th, but that is now gone. Our seniors last full home weekend is gone, this final season in the real WCHA is nearing gone. On the seniors note, I hope the parents had a good weekend, it's too bad we couldn't get a split with them here. Major kudos to UNO, we were in it for a majority of the weekend but UNO was unrelenting. As they should be, they still have a shot at first place and I applaud them for not taking us too lightly. Looking ahead, we play UA_ in two weeks (Squarebanks for Friday and The Sully for Saturday night) and then Denver the following week in a Friday night, Sunday afternoon schedule (Times are 5:37 pm AKST and 10:07 am AKST).


  1. Really was a bummer of a weekend... bummer of a season actually, but now it's time to start looking forward to the new league and bid farewell to the WCHA as we knew it!!

    Speaking of looking forward.. I can't wait to see the upcoming UAA-UAF Alumni game on March 2nd ~ Day #2 of Governor's Cup. Sounds like a blast! :0)


    Mark Filipenko
    Todd Bethard (if he's not running up a local mountain) ;0)
    Eric Lawson
    Matt Williams
    Dean Trboyevich
    Matt Shasby
    Peter Cartwright
    Jeff Edwards
    Todd Christianson
    Gregg Zaporzan, (aka "Dr. Zap!")
    Mike Scott
    Brian Kraft
    Jack Kowal
    Jimmy Dahl
    Chris Pont
    Regg Simon
    Paul Williams
    Merit Waldrop
    Chris King


    Dallas Ferguson
    Sandy Imlach
    Keith Street
    Ryan Muspratt
    Lenny Zaiser
    Pat Hallett
    Trevor Hyatt
    Lou Bassler
    John Lovdahl
    Dennis Gould
    Cody Butcher
    Scott McIlroy
    Chris Hodges
    Efren Larranaga
    Corbin Schmidt
    Dirk Menard
    Wylie Rogers
    Darren Tiemstra
    Nathan Rocheleau
    Pat Williams
    Andy Pokupec

    Doyle's game article:

  2. Bummer.. well there goes our chance to not be in last place. At least we have the playoffs to look forward to! Wonder which barn the Wolves will be in? My guess is the concrete bunker at SCSU or at Omaha.

  3. New recruit for UAA. Jarrett Brown of the Cowichan Valley (BCHL). He is a defenceman and leads his team in points. In 48 games he has 8 goals and 20 assists.

  4. This program has effectively been run into the ground, the frozen ground. Shyiak is probably the worst coach in the country who is just cashing a paycheck at this time. It's about time they dissolve the program and save the University and the State of Alaska some money.

  5. If they dissolved the hockey program Cobb would find a way to spend the money on other sports ... it wouldn't save the state a cent.


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