Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Way to Early

Wow it's been awhile. It has been so long I forgot my password to log into google to write a new post. And screw you google, I will not capitalize you're g. Let me first tell you what I planned to do during the summer:
• Get a new layout/colors
• Try and get interviews from Dallas Baldwin, Patrick Robertson, and the two coaches that are no longer here
• Get a continuing chat box much like the one DD had/has on his blog
• Host a live chat during away games

But I did not achieve any of this. I wanted to. But I have found the one guys, the one girl I cannot live my life without. I had an idea of what I wanted in my dream girl, but she is everything I wanted and even more. I love her. And, I choose to spend my little free time with her. Now I know what you're thinking, but no she is not the only reason why I didn't do anything for this blog over the summer. Yes, goddammit it is already fall.

When I set out to create this blog, it is because I wanted to provide coverage for my absolute favorite hockey team. But I quickly realized just how much time writing a blog can swallow up. It doesn't seem like it would, but I would spend over an hour writing a game-day post. I would do this short game-day posts Friday morning before my 9 am class. The Wednesday posts I would put something super short together in less than 30 minutes. I wasn't able to put everything in posts that I wanted to. I didn't have the time to. That was last semester, and this semester is even going to be worse. For those who don't know, or forgot, I am a Civil Engineering major. I've struggled, and clawed my way through three years just getting to the point of being a sophomore in my major. I have three years left, and now comes the most challenging classes. I have my second to last math class before getting my minor in Math (ODE-Ordinary Differential Equations), my last general Physics and Chemistry classes also. Throw in two labs for those classes and an online class to top it all off! I'm gonna be so deep in homework and banging my head into walls this semester it's not even funny.

I didn't provide enough coverage last semester, so how in the blue hell am I going to do any better this semester? I simply cannot. DD put a precedence on just what it takes and what us Seawolf fans deserve in a fan blog. I did not live up to that, nor can I for awhile. So I will hang up my keyboard for the near future. Maybe in a few years when I get my degree, and go after my Master's or P.H.D. will I come back and host a blog.

It does feel kinda wrong to quit now. With us getting a new head coach, new AD, and new league. But I have to call it quits. I fervently hope somebody picks up a blog. Us Seawolf fans deserve more than the USCHO, and the numb nut over at the ADN. I don't know what else to say. I hope we can finally have a winning season in the watered down WCHA. I hope the best for those who are reading this. And I hope to see you guys in a new blog somewhere over the web. Adios amigos, for now. Go Seawolves!


  1. Andrew ~ Congratulations on finding your perfect sweetheart!! ♡♡♡

    You know that the gang here will all understand that you have your hands full and that running this thing is just too time-consuming. Why do you think none of the rest of us ever did it? ;)

    When DD departed, you were the one who stepped up and created this blog and we are sure grateful for that!

    Maybe Alaskana will still host one of his chats from time to time for away games? Alaskana are you still around?? Paging Alaskana!! :D

    Thank you again Andrew. You ROCK!! :0)

  2. Hey Arcticfox! (and Andrew). Sorry I've been MIA lately, just completed a big move from Alaska and haven't had much time to spend on on the Seawolves. We're more or less settled now though, so I will be running a Seawolves chat room at I'm pretty excited about this new season, especially with all of the changes (even though we lost our first two WCHA games). I think it may take some time to get a new system up and running, but once it is I think we will see a new team take shape.

    Go Seawolves!

  3. Dec 7 2013, Nanooks beat seawolfs in Los anchorage 5-4 , Go Nooks!!


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