Friday, March 8, 2013

Game Day 3/08/2013

I had some hope that we could maybe at least force another shootout for the Governor's Cup, but that did not happen. It was almost my last hope for this season, I mean we still have the playoffs to do some damage. But it appears we are going to St. Cloud, and we all know what kind of house of horrors that place is. This Senior Group I really liked and I hope that they end their college careers with a good bang. But I just don't know if that will happen. It has been a long, tumultuous season that in all honesty I want to end. We Seawolf fans have suffered for many, many seasons. And this season has taken the most toll on me personally, yes even more than the 1-28-7 season under John Hill I believe we had. That season I was like in 4th grade, back then I was still worrying about how to finish my Spyro video games. I don't really know what I'm getting at, maybe I just happy this season is finally winding down. Remember we play tonight (5:37) and then now Sunday at 9:07 am AKST. Brett Cameron, Jordan Kwas, and Austin Coldwell all unfortunately will probably not play this weekend.


  1. I guess that no one cares anymore

  2. Demoralized more likely

  3. Demoralized is more like it, and for me personally. All this stuff coupled with Spring Break makes me want to check out even more. By the time I wake up tomorrow the game will probably already be over.

  4. Yikes, this weekend was about as bad as it can get. The weird things is it doesn't sting anymore, I'm so acclimatized to losing now. I'm just glad this regular season is over now and that the bleeding can stop for now.

    On the flip side I really hope we pull out an upset at the concrete bunker and
    silence all those crowing about how we'll lose by double digits.

  5. Tough weekend for us.
    Shake it off guys and get ready for playoff hockey.
    It'll be exciting in dog town.
    Go Seawolves!!

  6. 1:53 on March 9th says "no one cares anymore" and Alaskana on March 10th says "the weird thing is it doesn't sting anymore".

    I tend to agree with both of them. We care and yet, it's sadly so par for the course that we survive just fine, thank you very much.

    I went to Donald's blog, then was forwarded over here after the last game. On the spinning world globe, it was only me and a ton of people in Denver, CO.

    What were they hoping to see? I figure whatever it was, it tain't gonna happen.

    In a way it sucks that the other team in town is red hot year after year INSTEAD of the Seawolves, but then again, as a hockey fan, it's really nice to have another team in town playing deep into the playoffs each year long after the WCHA season is over. Many college teams don't have that luxury.

    Here's hoping that our new league brings about new opportunities. It's time to close the book on the current WCHA and look forward to the changes, whatever they be, that are headed our way.

    And spinning globe gawkers, don't run over here after each game wondering if we're screaming bloody murder. We'll be just fine. Wid ya, or widdout ya.

  7. Well said, wolfiegirl! :)

  8. Oh and my chat room will be up at as always.

  9. I love how Donna has plenty of time to troll the DU blog but can't even post here. What a pathetic piece of shit.

  10. Donna = Donald (DD)...Apparently this is the season that pushed him off the deep end.

  11. I don't know about you guys, but (sad to say) it's a relief to see this season end. Sometimes it's flat-out exasperating being a Seawolves fan! :p

    ☆ A huge THANK YOU to you Andrew for maintaining this blog and I hope you have a nice, well-deserved break!!

    I also hope you keep this blog running, but I'm sure you'll let us know what you decide. :0(

    I'm not sure how much moderation time you have to deal with, but if it's not a huge hassle and you do keep it running, maybe you can just toss an "Off-Season/Open Topic" thread" up for the summer?

    That way you won't have to deal with creating new articles, but we'll still be able to add comments to the open thread as we stumble across "factoids or rumors for Seawolves consumers" :D It's just a good way for us to occasionally check in with each other too.

    Whatever you decide though, thank you for the blog Andrew, thank you for the chatroom Alaskana, thank you Dre Corncobb for being a kick in the ass :D, and thank you fello' Seawolf fans for the awesome camaraderie!! ♡

  12. Thanks for the kind words arcticfox, I do plan to have some posts over the summer, hopefully some interviews but we'll see how that goes. As for keeping this blog up, I will. And if anybody would like to assist that would be great. I will be sprucing up this joint and will throw out a thread soon. It was a hard season and I hope the law of averages will apply and bring us some good fortune. To everybody else, thanks for soldering on with me and please enjoy your summer.

  13. Thanks again Andrew for taking up the reins to continue where Donald left off. I know it hasn't always been easy to post considering the dearth of positive news coming from the Seawolf camp, but it's always nice to know there will be a place where the fan community can still hang out.

    And Arcticfox, I'm with you in that I'm actually glad, rather than deflated, that this season is over. This was like a poor animal in a trap being put out of its misery. Looking forward, I hope that we kick butt in the nWCHA and that will bring fans back into the stands. If you win it, they will come. Oh and no problem about the chat room, I'll be evaluating some new chat room options over the summer, but if I don't find anything new I will be bringing the current one back so we all have a place to be if we can't make the game in person.

    Signing out for now, have a great spring and summer Seawolf fans!

  14. Soooo what do you think they'll name the new arena tomorrow?

    The "Iceless Center" ;)
    "Wells Fargo II"
    "GCI Arena"
    "BP Arena"
    "Cobb's Corner"

    I'm surprised they're having the big naming ceremony tomorrow instead of after green-up and when it's a little closer to being finished. O'well..

  15. Wow. What happened to my last line on the above sentence.. :-O

    Andrew: Does this blog have an edit button hidden somewhere? ;0)

  16. @ arcticfox, it seems blogger has gotten rid of that option after you post the comment. And oddly from what I can tell this was around 2005-06 that it was implemented. I swear I've been able to edit comments since then, but I digress.

  17. The Alaska Airlines Center. Really? Frickin stupid.

  18. Should have been The Iceland Air Center

  19. Anonymous @ 8:21:00
    Any suggestions to go along with your negativity?
    And maybe a dollar match to go along with the suggestion.

  20. Suggestion box:

    Andrew, please consider putting up "Open Comment" threads in-between your articles. It allows us to participate on here without always adding stuff to old pre-selected articles that we're no longer talking about.

    Keeps it fresh here too!

    Thanks for considering this.

  21. I'll see what I can find after Tuesday arcticfox!


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